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Helping across all ages anywhere in health journey


Our purpose is to inspire and empower people to define, set and achieve their fitness goals.

American Fitness is a locally owned and operated gym dedicated to building a community that has been strengthening the 850 since 2008. Here, you will reinvent not only your body but your entire life. Our skilled staff provides all the tools and guidance needed to reach your full potential by monitoring techniques, giving general nutritional advice, and adapting to the personal needs of every member. This approach creates a fun, familiar, and energetic environment for all.


At American Fitness, you will experience:

  • Leadership through training

  • A safe environment for all members

  • Functional training is the heart of the program

  • Everyone is trained as athletes regardless of age and current conditioning

  • An impact on our community by improving the quality of your life



Offer valid for non-members with a local ID. Call or come in for more information.

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